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Not sure if you need a disclosure for an employee? If they work directly with children or adults at risk, you may need a criminal records check for them. Regulated activity which may require a disclosure excludes family arrangements, and personal, non-commercial agreements. Check out the brief overview below for examples of professions and activity which are regulated, and where a disclosure is required.

Alternatively if the role/position is not eligible under the current legislation, your organisation can still apply for a basic disclosure which is open to all individuals.

Regulated activity relating to


  1. Unsupervised activities:
    Teach, train, instruct, care for or supervise children, or provide advice/guidance on well-being, or drive a vehicle only for children;
  2. Work for a limited range of establishments (“specified places”), with opportunity for contact:
    Schools, children’s homes, childcare premises. Not work by supervised volunteers
  3. Relevant personal care, for example washing or dressing; or health care by or supervised by a professional;
  4. Registered child minding and foster-carers.

Work under (1) or (2) is regulated activity only if executed regularly. The DBS provides statutory guidance about supervision of activity which would be regulated activity if unsupervised.

Teaching children

Regulated activity relating to


A broad outline of the six regulated activity categories are set out below.

  1. Providing health care;
  2. Providing personal care;
  3. Providing social work;
  4. Assistance with cash, bills and/or shopping;
  5. Assistance in the conduct of a person’s own affairs;
  6. Conveying/transportation.

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